Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch - Round 3 | Sarah Shah Wichita Kansas Baby Children Lifestyle Photographer

I met up with this family of FOUR at the pumpkin patch! Last year at the pumpkin patch L was an only child and now she's a big sister. Every time her Mom and I talk about our toddlers I am amazed at how awesome this little girl is. She's so smart and fully potty trained (at the age of 2!).

I'm in love with this first one.

There's no doubt that they are brother and sister. This image just cracks me up!

L wasn't too fond of the camera a first but her little brother just loved it. I've never had a baby that loved looking at the camera as much as him.

Both kids and their dog are monkeys for Halloween this year! How adorable are these costumes? I'm going to be checking out Babies R' Us next year for costumes.
Nichole- I had fun, as always with your family! I love that your Mom comes along every time too. She's a great help. :) Check your email for your gallery password.


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