Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look what we did today

If you know me good, you know I love crafts! Christmas time really brings out the crafter in me and having a toddler I can't help but get her involved and have some fun. If you have any kid-friendly crafts point me to them!

I read a lot of blogs. My Google Reader has probably close to 200 blogs, of course I have to pick and choose which posts to read based on time.

This craft I found on a blog I follow often. Jodie is a photographer and a Mommy that has an art room just for her kids!! She recently re-blogged this craft here. Today I decided we would have some craft fun and get a kick start on Valentine's decorations.

I chose 2 red crayons and Seema 1 picked pink.

Even with only 3 crayons to peel it ended up taking 20 minutes. Then I grated the crayons. Seema thought I cut my fingers with all the red coloring from the crayons.

With Jodie's recommendation, we did this part on our kitchen floor. Much easier to sweep than getting it out of the carpet! Seema put the crayon on the wax paper how she wanted. Then I put another piece of wax paper on top and melted it together with the iron.

Cut out heart shapes.

During Christmas I discovered hanging items from twine across this window as garland. Love how this came out! We added some heart shaped beads between the wax hearts.


jodie said...

SUPER cute! I love the idea of adding beads! and aren't peeling crayons SO stinking hard??? :)

Sarah Shah Portraits said...

Total pain!

Thanks for stopping by, Jodie!!

brandi t said...

these are soooo super cute. I may have to use this idea if you dont mind. I used to do this with my toddlers at my old job...i think I should start doing crafts with my own kids.

Melissa said...

adorable! i love it!

Sarah Shah Portraits said...

Brandi- you so should!! Feel free to steal the idea, I did too.

Thanks Melissa!

cheryl said...

these came out great!!!

Anonymous said...

These turned out great. Nice documentation of the process too. WTG!

Jen B. said...

what a great idea, I think I might do this with my kids. Thanks for the inspiration!