Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Asking you to consider this

I don't share too much that isn't photography related here, since this is a photoblog but I feel that I have to share this.

Some of you might have seen the recent Oprah episode on calling/texting & driving. I recorded it had finally had the chance to watch it last night. Oprah has a few of the family members that have been affected by those that were calling/texting while driving and ended up in accidents killing either themselves or others. The whole episode was a slap-in-the-face-wake-up-call to me. I had never thought about how distracted I was if I was talking on the phone or even texting while driving. When I would hear the beep of an email, text, or ring of a call it had become an automatic reaction to reach over and dig through my purse, while driving, to see who it was or what they needed. After watching the episode I haven't used my phone in the car (actually I quit 3 days ago, when I saw the preview for the show); I put the ringtone on silent or just turn the phone off completely. A call, email, or text can wait 15 minutes for me to get home to respond.

I'm asking you to take a step back and consider this.

A link to the numerous stories from Oprah's show here

The link for the No Zone Phone pledge here

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