Thursday, August 13, 2009

Farmer Jane | Sarah Shah - Wichita, KS Lifestyle Photographer

Fresh veggies are the best, but growing them and harvesting them from your own garden in your backyard is even better!

This was our first year to have our own garden. I'm still shocked that I didn't kill it. I kill every other plant I have, but these tomato and green pepper plants, and onions survived me. Thank you, GOD!

Our daughter just loves the garden. She loves to get her sandbox shovels and dig around in it and get her toes all dirty. She's a tomboy in the making, for sure. She likes to see if there's any tomatoes, or as she calls them... apples, or green peppers ready to eat right off the vine.

Yesterday we were just harvesting though. We brought in 7 tomatoes, 3 peppers, and a bunch of onions. So I had to make salsa tonight and it was soooo good.

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