Friday, May 15, 2009

Russ & Terri Are Married | Sarah Shah - Wichita, KS Lifestyle Photographer

Terri's daughter, Becky (@wordsofbecky), surprised her Mom the week before the wedding by telling her that I would be photographing their wedding. Becky kept this a secret from her Mom until 1 week before the wedding when I meet with them.

I had the pleasure of documenting Russ and Terri's wedding day! This was the first wedding I have ever photographed and I really enjoyed seeing their day unfold and meeting all of their close family. I loved how Terri had pre-wedding jitters, and then how elated they both looked during the ceremony.

Congratulations Russ & Terri!

Normally I don't consider myself a wedding photographer, but this was a special occasion. I had previously taken this family's portraits, and this wedding was a small celebration, plus Terri's daughter, Becky, nominated my Giving is Awesome winner and had won a print credit.

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