Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Spirit of Giving - The winner is...

First, I want to thank everyone that send in an amazing story of a deserving family you know. I was so touched to read though your stories.

The winner is the Cage family.

Here is a snippet of the nomination email I received, and why I think they are truly deserving of this gift:

"This family has been through an extremely tough time, and they are in need of a little time for themselves as a family. The photos you take will be an important part of their grieving process, and will allow them to begin new lives together after Harry’s [Father and Husband] death. They are a beautiful family, smart, exceptionally creative, and wonderfully full of life. "

I will be contacting this family by phone tomorrow to let them know they won is contest and who nominated them. I will also be contacting the nominator with details.

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