Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fashion Friday (on Sunday) | Wichita Kansas Photographer

Even though we are almost to the end of the Fall season, a request was made to keep the Fashion Friday section going for those with sessions coming in Spring.

When dressing your family for a portrait session, keep in mind the time of year and the location. If your session is in Fall and you'll be surrounded by rich orange, reds, and yellow leaves it will be best to go with a main color other than those. Or if your session is in Winter and you'll be were the trees have no leaves and the sky is a white or gray, you will want to stay away from whites, grays, blacks, and browns as your main colors. Patterned clothing can include these colors but if you really want to stand out from the background thing COLOR.

This week's Fashion Friday showcases a grown family. Mom, Dad, grown siblings, and their spouses (or significant other). You will notice that the main colors are blue, gray, and black. Then for a splash of color fuchsia and teal were added in (watch your colors shades to make sure they don't clash when put together).

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