Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sometimes * Always * Never

Since I'm waiting on some calibration software to arrive on my doorstep I feel I have time to burn today. I can't edit any of baby Trace or his brother Ty session pictures until that software gets here so I feel so BORED and DISAPPOINTED! I get 2 extra days off and I'm bored and disappointed... what's wrong with this picture. lol Hubby told me "go blog or something" so here I sit.

I saw this post on Jodie's blog and had to join in.

I sometimes...
- go to bed at 9 pm.
- cry in the shower.
- make lists just to check the things off.
- don't get to laundry for a week.

I always...
- love the first 30 minutes after I walk in the door and see my daughter and hug her.
- have good intentions, even though they might not work out.
- fill up my wishpot and amazon wish list but seldom buy anything from them
- will love coming home. Traveling is nice, but nothing beats being back in your own home.
- need spell check and proofing help.
- loose things! (keys, important papers, and sometimes my mind)

I never...
- get through a day unplugged.
- get through a week without at least one to-do list made.
- eat mushrooms.
- whistle because I can't do it right.
- host a party without having everything planned out.

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Jodie Allen said...

loved your list and your photo kicks my photo's butt! you look SO cute!!!