Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is it that time already? | Sarah Shah - Wichita, KS Lifestyle Photograher

I hope you're enjoying seeing more of my family life. I have enjoyed picking up my camera almost daily to capture the moments of my daughter's every day life.

She sleeps in a toddler bed.
She drinks from a regular cup.
She climbs everything possible, runs, and attempts to jump.
So I guess it's time we give potty training a try. Any advice as we enter this new challenge in toddlerhood would be nice.

Lately, I've been trying to "embrace the grain" as Jodi Allen has once said. To me this is hard; I like crisp, non-grain-y images, but I seem to like the grain in this one. I think it adds to it.


Jodie Allen said...

you know what? as a fellow photog I honestly didn't even notice grain at all. what i saw was an AWESOME moment captured! and THAT is exactly why I love the grain sometimes! if it means you are capturing something you wouldn't otherwise it's awesome! :)

Desiree Hayes said...

LOVE this! So so so cute!